5 Top Bathroom Renovation Trends of 2018

Top Bathroom Renovation Trends of 2018

To reflect today’s personal preferences, changes in home décor, accessories, and colors don’t stop in the living room or kitchen. They also apply to the bathroom. Top bathroom renovation trends of 2018 incorporate today’s minimalist lifestyle as well as advancements in technology.

5 Top Bathroom Renovation Trends of 2018

1. Darker Colors

Just like they are when it comes to the style of the overall house, people are leaning toward darker colors in the bathroom.

Beyond just simply dark, however, the concept is to go dark and boldly unique. At the same time, you can incorporate natural and holistic themes into your bathroom, creating a soothing and efficient atmosphere. In other words, a rustic sink with plenty of storage space could transform the appearance of your bathroom for the better.

Trying something different for your bathroom will be fun and exciting!

Bathroom Renovation Trends of 2018

2. Technological Advancements

As you go simple when it comes to the design, you can include advanced technology within the necessities. Bathrooms have come a long way in recent years. Your bathroom redesign can include toilets and faucets that start automatically, toilet lids that open and close themselves, medicine cabinets that can stay cool, and showers that know the temperature that you like best. Even the floors can be heated, which is a perfect solution to help you reduce the need for rugs or fuzzy slippers as you’re walking in and out of the bathroom or shower.

3. Brass and Chrome

For years, we cringed at the sight of the color gold in a home design. Well, guess what? It’s back! Brass and chrome fixtures fit in perfectly with the overall theme of rustic, simple, traditional, efficient, unique, and attractive that we are seeing in home styles today.

4. Breaking out of the Norm

Along the above lines, top bathroom renovation trends of 2018 include thinking outside of the box when it comes to flooring. Gone are the days of rigid, boxy tiles. Bathroom floors can be made of many different styles and patterns.

5. All or Nothing with the Bathtub

Here’s where you will have to think about your budget, your personality, and how you use your bathroom.

If you enjoy relaxing in a bathtub, consider adding a soaking or whirlpool bath with a design that fits the overall theme of the bathroom. On the other hand, if you don’t use the bathtub often, just eliminate it. You can save space by including only a walk-in shower and then using the leftover room for something more important, like additional storage.

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Top Bathroom Renovation Trends of 2018

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