5 Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2018

Top Kitchen Redesign Trends for 2018

After all these years, the kitchen is finally taking its rightful place in the home. It’s so much more than only the place to cook foods and wash dishes. It’s the place where people gather around for long conversations over drinks. It’s the place where children finish their long overdue homework. It’s the place where friends gather for hours of online gaming or card games. And now, the top kitchen design trends for 2018 are finally giving the kitchen its proper due. Let’s take a look.

Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2018

1. Furniture in the Kitchen

You can forget about those boring, characterless chairs that scrape the floors every time you move, and you no longer have to endure those uncomfortable hightop wooden stools. We spend hours in the kitchen, so it’s only appropriate to have comfortable furniture in them.

Consider asking your kitchen designer to create a special nook for a comfortable seating area, allowing you to watch your favorite YouTube videos or talk with your children as you are waiting for that water to finish boiling.

2. Advanced Kitchen Islands

If you insist, you can still have those traditional chairs around the kitchen island too that you can use as you prepare food. Along those lines, as you are redesigning your kitchen, you can reinvent your island as virtually a standalone kitchen in itself! You can add a sink and grill on the top, storage cabinets within, and even pullout cutting boards.

Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2018
3. Make Room for Technology

Clearly, the top kitchen design trends for 2018 include making room for technology. Have your local Arizona kitchen designer create specific areas to store your computers, tablets, and phones, and you can install charging stations nearby. Consider investing in advanced appliances such as refrigerators that can remember your shopping list for you.

Adding both modern technology and beautiful appliances will make your kitchen an attractive focal point of your home.

4. Minimalist Design

These days, people don’t want to be overwhelmed with “stuff.” As you design your kitchen, create organized areas for those appliances that you will use repeatedly, and then eliminate those items you don’t use as often.

5. Brilliantly Dark and Vibrant

It sounds like an oxymoron, but truly this is among the top kitchen design trends for 2018. People are going for simple yet elegant, dark yet exciting, fun yet mature. Even the lighting over your food prep area can look more modernized. Use your imagination here by blending unique furniture with modern appliances, and you can create a spectacular kitchen that will amaze your family and guests.

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Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2018

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