9 Tips for Preventing Water Damage in your Bathroom

Preventing Water Damage in Your Bathroom

A bathroom is really wet. The toilet, the shower, the sink – water is everywhere! And that’s the way it’s supposed to be … as long as the water stays where it’s supposed to be. Preventing water damage in your bathroom doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, repetitive task. Usually, once you address issues that could lead to water penetration, your bathroom should be fine for a significant amount of time.

Here are several tips for preventing water damage in your bathroom.

1. Don’t let water overflow in your bathtub. Even though most bathtubs are set up to prevent overflowing, water can splash over the edges of the tub easily.

2. Regularly make sure the bottom of the toilet is sealed.

3. Repair any damaged grout, falling tiles, or caulking around the shower and sink. Water can get into the cracks and wreak havoc on your bathroom over time.

Preventing Water Damage in Your Bathroom

4. As you are taking a shower or getting into or out of it, make efforts to keep water inside the shower. If you see an excessive amount of water on the floor, dry it off. In addition to preventing damage to your floors and ceilings, keeping the floors dry is a way to avoid slippery conditions.

5. If your faucets are dripping, have them repaired. It’s about more than just avoiding the annoying sound. Dripping faucets could be an indication of or lead to greater problems.

6. If you hear an unusual popping sound and can’t determine where it’s coming from, contact a plumber to identify the issue. It could be a sign that a pipe is about to burst, and that could mean damage to your ceiling, walls, and floors.

7. Make sure your toilet is working properly at all times. If it is not flushing completely, for example, it could be blocked. If it is constantly draining, it could be leaking.

8. If there’s a minor leak that has not been detected, the water will dry and cause the walls to discolor. Check for wet spots or discoloration on walls in the bathroom and in rooms near the bathroom.

9. Stay on top of any water damage and repair it immediately. If not, what was a minor drip in your sink or leak in your toilet could turn into a mold problem throughout your entire bathroom. Even our Arizona bathrooms within desert climates are susceptible to mold when carpeting, walls, or ceilings become saturated with water.

For more information about preventing water damage in your bathroom, contact us through our JK Cabinets & Design website or by phone at 480-219-9580.

If you live in the Mesa, Arizona area and need your bathroom renovated due to water damage, we will be happy to help!

Preventing Water Damage in your Bathroom

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