12 Ways to Keep your Arizona Home Cooler in the Spring

How to Keep Your Arizona Kitchen and Overall Home Cooler in the Spring

It’s getting close to that time of the year: those long months of Arizona heat. You can still look forward to somewhat cooler weather during the rest of March and in April, however, so you don’t have to rely so much on air conditioning just yet. You can keep your Arizona kitchen and overall home cool in the spring without breaking the bank on air conditioning costs. Here are a few easy, well-known tips.

How to Keep Your Arizona Kitchen Cool in the Spring

  1. We’ll start with the obvious: Avoid your oven. However, sometimes you have to use it, so if you do, bake in the early morning or late evening.
  2. If possible, keep the lights dim. Just make sure it’s bright enough that your food remains sanitary and that your hands, overall body, and clothing stay safe while you’re cutting and cooking.
  3. Use oven fans and overhead fans if they are available.
  4. Invest in a small countertop fan, or maybe a few, to keep you cool as you move around your kitchen. An upright fan or box fan set on the floor would work wonders as well.
  5. If you must use the stove or oven, consider choosing foods that don’t take a whole lot of time to cook.
  6. Invest in a slow cooker, rice cooker, or pressure cooker to reduce the amount of time you spend using the stove.
  7. Ask a kitchen design contractor about special features that can be permanently installed in your kitchen to keep it cool.

Keeping your Arizona Home Cooler in the Spring

Keeping It Cool Elsewhere in Your Home

  1. Shut the blinds or close the curtains during the day.
  2. Do take advantage of your ceiling fan. You can even take it a step further and operate it in a counter-clockwise motion to push air down.
  3. Use sheets, pillowcases, and blankets made of cool, lightweight materials.
  4. Here’s a smart, old-fashioned trick. If you place a bucket of ice in front of those fans that we talked about, you’ll feel the cool breeze blow off them.
  5. As suggested by Superior Sun Solutions of Phoenix, consider planting trees, vines, or shrubs outside to shade your home.

If you live in the Mesa area and want more information about how to keep your kitchen cool this spring season, contact us. We can be reached through our JK Cabinets website or by phone at 480-219-9580.

Most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the spring season in Arizona. We’ll be enjoying it right along with you!

How to Keep Your Arizona Kitchen Cooler in the Spring

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