Bathroom and Kitchen Design Apps that are Bound to Inspire You

Many living room, bathroom and kitchen design apps can help you decide how to redesign your rooms.

Making decisions about your kitchen or bathroom design isn’t always easy, but it can definitely be fun. Many online apps can open your eyes to beautiful, intriguing, and exciting options that you never even dreamed of before.

Here are a few popular bathroom and kitchen design apps that can provide useful resources for homeowners looking to make a change.

Home Design 3D

This app allows you to draw rooms and even determine the thickness of the walls. You can then design it with more than 1,500 furniture options and virtually walk through it day or night.

Room Planner

Decide on wall colors, see the room from different viewpoints, add brand-name furniture, and more.

Kitchen Design Plus

You can literally build your own kitchen with this unique app, which even offers sharing and iCloud synchronization.

EZ Kitchen

EZ Kitchen offers a few versions, including EZ Kitchen+ and EZ Kitchen 3. Made by Microcad Software SL, these apps allow you to select wall dimensions and decorate the room.

Planner 5D Interior Design

You can use 2D or 3D to virtually lay out, design, and furnish the rooms in your home.

Keyplan 3D Lite

Offering 2D and 3D views, this app provides architectural tools, design options, and sharing capabilities.

Bathrooms, Interior Designs

Browse through photos as music plays in the background. Rate the photos and see other people’s opinions before making your decisions.

These are only a few of the many bathroom and kitchen design apps available today. Of course, there’s nothing like seeing your options in person and talking one-on-one with a kitchen or bathroom designer. Feel free to explore online apps, but then come see us in our Mesa, Arizona design showroom to get started.

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