Bathroom Renovation Ideas: Fascinating Shower Tile Designs


You’ve seen unique shower tile designs in fancy hotels, on Pinterest, and on home makeover shows, and you know you want something similar in your home. Don’t even deny it. Unique shower tile patterns add a certain punch to your shower and overall bathroom — be it long and narrow tiles, thumbnail-sized square tiles, zebra tiles, rainbow tiles, you name it.

Well, there’s no need to keep wishing. A stunning and unique bathroom look can be yours when you work with a skilled interior designer. Consider these clever shower tile designs for starters.

Herringbone shower tile designs add a mesmerizing look to your Arizona bathroom.

Herringbone Shower Tiles

Herringbone tiles feature a zigzag look, adding an eye-catching element to your bathroom.

Long and Skinny Tiles

Tile your shower from top to bottom in stacked mosaic tile. Vertical lines add a more exotic look and will make your shower ceiling appear higher, but you can also opt for long and horizontal.

Unique shower tile designs include an appearance of brick.

Just Like Brick

Subway ceramic tiles can give an appearance of brick inside your shower. They may also add a nice contrast to the outside of your Arizona home. Or you can go wild and opt for natural brick, as long as you make it resistant to water damage.

Hexagon or Octagon Shower Tiles

This design may require more creativity and patience before it looks just right, but it will be well worth it once it’s done.

Unique shower tile designs include very small ceramic tiles in colors that pop.

All Out in Color

Choose multiple colors of tiles and set them in a pattern that enhances the fun design of your overall bathroom.

If you think you have to stick with the same, plain white or blue square tiles for your shower, guess again! Truly, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a fascinating look in your bathroom.

If you own a home in the Phoenix, Arizona area, contact us for a bathroom design consultation or to start your bathroom renovation.


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