Bathroom Trends to Avoid for Resale

If you plan to sell your house, there are several bathroom trends to avoid for resale value.

If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, consider carefully if you plan to stay in your home or if you’d eventually like to sell. That’s because an outdated bathroom full of older design elements may send buyers to other properties. Would you consider a bathroom tiled in bright primary colors, reminiscent of D.J.’s and Stephanie’s bedroom on “Full House?” Bright blue, red and yellow tile was a trend popular in the 1990s that would likely scare today’s buyers away faster than you could sing the catchy “Full House” theme song.

When you consider the trends of today, think carefully if these design elements are going to withstand the test of time.

Bathroom Trends to Avoid for Resale

Painting a bathroom in neutral colors is ideal if you're planning to sell the home, but avoid all white.

• Replacing the bathtub with a full shower

Does your house really need a bathtub? The trend for many is to replace the tub with a large, walk-in shower. This creates a spacious shower area that’s almost spa-like in it’s appearance and functionality. However, according to REALTOR Magazine, it’s essential every home or condo have at least one bathtub in place, especially when trying to sell to families with young children. Plus, considering that up to 38 percent of U.S. residents bathe weekly, having a tub in the home is a must for resale.

• Oversized tubs

Now that we’ve discussed the importance of having a tub, it’s vital to make sure the right tub is in the home. Large, oversized tubs are impractical and expensive. For aging baby boomers, climbing in and out of these larger tubs may pose a challenge. And filling up a large tub is expensive as well.

• Flashy paint colors

Stay away from dated bathroom colors like avocado, salmon, and yellow, as these will likely turn off potential buyers. Use three timeless, muted colors in a 70/20/10 distribution with the lightest color making up the majority of the room. Use the second lightest for the 20 percent and the darkest for the remainder. Consider white, teal, and gray as examples.

• Too much white

On the opposite end of the color spectrum, don’t go overboard with the whites. Few buyers want to maintain a pristine white bathroom. For some buyers, high maintenance equals headaches, so it’s better to look at grays, beiges and other neutrals as the main color.

• Metallic finishes

Chrome and nickel are fading in popularity. Black finishes are safer bets.

• Subway tile

As popular as subway tile is, large tile is classic. Use geometric patterns in larger bathrooms for a bit of variety and keep the subway tiles in, well, the subway.

There are several bathroom trends to avoid if you're planning to sell your Arizona home. Start your bathroom renovation today with a consultation with one of our interior designers to learn more.

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