Best Curtain Options for your Shower: Things to Keep in Mind

Best Curtain Options for your Shower

While doors are often a stylish choice, curtains provide a casual yet elegant appeal to a bathroom. Draping cloth, for example, can give the bathroom an air of relaxation, a “let-your-hair-down” comfort. If you want to avoid an overly formal rigidness to your bathroom, you should at least browse the best curtain options for your shower.

There are, of course, concerns with mold and cleaning, and curtains take diligence to maintain. They can also lead to floor dripping if not placed properly.

Despite the challenges, a shower curtain can certainly improve your bathroom, but it often comes down to choosing the right material.

Best Curtain Options for your Shower

There are many different materials that you can choose from when selecting the best curtain options for your shower. Ranging from functional utility to decorative opulence, you can find items that meet a wide range of design choices.

One of the most common types of shower curtain materials is plastic. The reputation for this material has been tarnished by dirty, ugly white liners, but there is actually a wide selection of quality choices that are elegant and decorative. Plastic is ideal for bathrooms that get a lot of use because they are durable and resistant to wrinkling. In addition, if they do get torn, they are usually the least expensive, so replacement is affordable.

If you want something more luxurious, you can choose silk or satin shower curtains. This fabric gives your shower instant glamour, but they are not water resistant and must be used very carefully and washed often. They are generally preferred for bathrooms that won’t be used by children, and you will need an interior liner to keep water off the high-end material.

Best Curtain Options for your Shower

Canvas is a rough, sturdy material that resists water and keeps its form for decades. Even steam seems unable to make a difference in the long-term quality of canvas. If you take your time and find a high-quality canvas shower curtain, you’ll have an item that you can pass down to your grandchildren. (Whether or not they want your shower curtain is up to them!)

Polyester is a thick and strong material that is very similar to canvas, but it is usually easier to clean, resistant to water, and comes in a more diverse variety of styles, meaning you have more design options.

Of course, there are other options for shower curtains, including lace, linen, burlap, and more.

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Best Curtain Options for your Shower


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