Best Kitchen Island Design Options: Benefits of Adding an Island at Home

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The word “island” always draws a calm and easy-breezy feeling. That doesn’t necessarily apply only to those days on the sand as you were listening to the ocean waves. Just like an island on the road helps drivers navigate traffic, there are benefits of adding an island at home. The best kitchen island design options vary from simple to elegant. How you design the island will depend on how you plan to use it.

3 Top Benefits of Adding an Island at Home

1. It can beautify the kitchen.

A kitchen island makes a home look more elegant and somehow makes the kitchen more inviting.

2. The island countertop will be immensely useful.

Whether you plan to use it to dice up vegetables, strike up a conversation over a cup of coffee or turn it into a makeshift poker table, you will enjoy having that additional countertop in the kitchen.

3. An island means additional storage options.

The island is anything but wasted space. You can add drawers and cabinets within the island, providing you with more space to store your items. Consider organizing the island storage space in a manner that allows you to store items that you would use at the island – such as those coffee cups, cutting boards or cards.

By the way, your kitchen design consultant can include a pull-out cutting board within the island, providing even more space, convenience and efficiency.

Think about the possibility of adding an additional small sink. Hang some wineglasses nearby and add a wine rack to the island, and you’ve created a home bar type of appearance.

You might even be able to include shelves in the island, providing a convenient place to store books or an electronic tablet that you might use to look up meal recipes.

And don’t forget to look up. Your kitchen designer can hang items overhead that you expect to use at the island.

Best Kitchen Island Design Options

Best Kitchen Island Design Options

• As you are thinking about the best kitchen island design options, consider the size and style of your kitchen. You do want it to stand out as a focal point – especially if it’s especially outstanding. However, you also want it to match the tone and colors in your overall kitchen.

• Your kitchen island can be large or small. It can be comprised of stainless steel, granite or wood or a combination of any of these or other materials. Common designs feature a wood base with a granite or marble countertop. If your kitchen is designed for a chef or artistically includes stainless steel appliances, work that into the design of the island to create an extraordinary kitchen.

• Next, imagine yourself at the island. Will you likely be sitting or standing? How you plan to use the island should dictate its ideal height and the types of chairs you will purchase, if any.

• Sometimes a kitchen island is strictly for convenience rather than to beautify a home. If your budget does not provide much wiggle room, you will find that many of the best kitchen island design options are simple yet convenient. Ask your designer how you can create an ideal island to fit your budget.

Ask your Kitchen Designer for Suggestions

Let us know how you envision using your island, and we’ll let you know which of the best kitchen island design options are right for you. Contact us through our JK Cabinets & Design website or by phone at 480-219-9580.

We can help you design an island that fits you and your kitchen perfectly. Once you realize the benefits of adding an island at home, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Best Kitchen Island Design Options


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