Best Tips for Using Backsplash to Enhance your Kitchen

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The kitchen cabinets take up a lot of visual space. The same can be said for the floors, countertops, and even appliances. When compared to other elements of kitchen design, it can seem like the backsplash, which is much smaller, isn’t all that important. But as any experienced designer can tell you, the right backsplash is essential. Using backsplash to enhance your kitchen is essential for your overall design. It’s like choosing the right belt to go with your wardrobe, or the right earrings to match your shirt. They might be small details, but they stand out and provide the perfect touch.

Let’s look at the basics of using backsplash to enhance your kitchen and see how you can use this small detail to make a huge impact!

3 Tips for Using Backsplash to Enhance Your Kitchen

1. Invest in the Backsplash, Save Somewhere Else

There are many places where you can save when remodeling a kitchen, and while it’s certainly not a good idea to go with the lowest-cost materials, it is possible to save a few dollars. The backsplash, however, is not the area to pinch pennies. To use our previous analogy, consider it the jewelry of your kitchen; you certainly don’t want the cheapest jewelry!

Also, the backsplash uses a small area, so you won’t have to purchase as much material, making it more affordable to purchase high-quality products that will look great for years.

2. Be Bold When Using Backsplash to Enhance your Kitchen

Using Backsplash to Enhance your Kitchen

You may enjoy neutral, faded, and natural colors, and we certainly wouldn’t want to change that. With the backsplash, however, we’d encourage you to use bold colors that give your kitchen a dash of energy and excitement. You don’t have to go with hot pink, but a nice yellow, green, or blue would be ideal when using backsplash to enhance your kitchen.

3. Keep the Same Colors with Different Materials

Another design style for your kitchen backsplash is to use similar design colors or a color palette while changing up the materials. For example, if the countertops are natural stone, you could choose a metallic backsplash (such as brushed stainless steel) to give your kitchen a timeless look.

Put Mesa’s Design Experts to Work for Your Kitchen!

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Using Backsplash to Enhance your Kitchen

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