Benefits of Adding Circadian Lighting to Your Kitchen or Bathroom Design

Circadian Lighting mimics natural lighting that you would find in elegant bathroom or kitchen designs.

Today, many people spend most of their time indoors, many times away from windows and under artificial lights. They’re left with very little exposure to natural sunlight, which is necessary for overall wellness. Due to new advancements in color tuning, however, it’s possible to imitate natural outdoor lighting in the home. Adding Circadian Lighting to your kitchen and bathroom design may allow for improved mood and health.

Circadian rhythm is the body’s 24-hour internal clock that runs in the background of the brain and cycles between sleepiness and alertness at regular intervals. Artificial light often disrupts the natural circadian rhythm, and this disconnection has been linked to everything from sleep disorders to depression and cardiovascular disease. Natural light, on the other hand, stimulates mood, energy, and metabolism.

Circadian Lighting can help fight seasonal affective disorder. If you can add it to your bathroom or kitchen design, it can also beautify your home.

Circadian Lighting imitates natural light, which taps into the body’s biological cycles, allowing for improved mental and physical health. It also promotes overall well-being. Numerous studies have identified the benefits of Circadian Lighting, from increased alertness in the morning and improved mood throughout the day to faster cognitive processing. Office workers exposed to Circadian Lighting have seen productivity improvement by up to 10-25 percent. Workers also sleep better in the evening when exposed to Circadian Lighting during the day, leading to better overall health. Schools and sports teams are incorporating this type of lighting into their facilities as well, according to Bios, makers of SkyBlue LED lighting.

There’s an increasing number of products on the market which are meant to add natural daylight to the home. They include inexpensive light bulbs (look for LED daylight bulbs) that a homeowner could install in light fixtures above a kitchen island, dining table, or bathroom vanity, as well as standalone lamps. If you’re designing a kitchen that includes a desk, consider adding a circadian lamp above the workspace. In the bathroom, this type of lighting is especially helpful for activities such as applying makeup.

As more homeowners discover the benefits of Circadian Lighting, it’s sure to become a fixture in everyday spaces in the kitchen, bath, home office, and bedroom.

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