Common Kitchen Layouts and How They Might Affect Your Remodel

Understanding common kitchen layouts can help you decide how you want the kitchen to look and function.

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, your kitchen layout may affect what you can do within your budget. As long as the essential architectural integrity of the home remains reliable, much of what you envision can be done. However, adding walls, tearing down walls, or moving electricity or plumbing will likely mean additional costs.

With that being said, don’t let it sway you from renovating the kitchen based on the existing layout. As long as the changes meet building code requirements, if you prefer you can also start from scratch and change the layout overall.

Understanding the following common kitchen layouts is a good start to help you decide how you want the kitchen to function.

L-Shaped Kitchen

This style utilizes two walls for kitchen cabinets, appliances, and other essentials. It is ideal for smaller spaces and homes with one or two residents.

U-Shaped Layout

A U-shaped kitchen features three walls that have appliances and cabinets. It leaves space between the walls that you can use as you wish.

Galley Kitchen Layout

A galley kitchen is essentially two long walls with space in between them. It can be useful for families that have multiple cooks in the kitchen at the same time. They’re not as popular as they were in the past due to the fact that they are not conducive to modern open space designs, but they can help homeowners create a well-organized kitchen.

Your kitchen layout may affect what you can do with your kitchen remodel.

G-Shaped or Peninsula Kitchen

This is basically a U-shaped layout with a breakfast nook or island attached perpendicularly in one corner.

One-Wall Kitchen

As the name implies, everything is against one wall, allowing you to add a kitchen island, table, or other features in the open space.

Double Island Kitchen

As long as space is available, an island can be placed in almost any kitchen, and islands are especially ideal for L-shaped or galley kitchen designs. A double island kitchen design, however, takes on a whole new meaning on its own. The entire kitchen will likely be designed in a manner that allows you to use each islands for an intended purpose. That may include adding a kitchen sink in one island and storage space in another, or designing one to be used for food prep and the other as an eating area. If you have a spacious kitchen, redesigning it to add double islands can enhance the elegance, beauty, and sophistication of your entire home.

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