Contemporary Bathroom Accessories that will Enhance your Home

Hiding the Plumbing in Your Bathroom

Few rooms in the home are as easy to keep trendy and stylish as the bathroom is. You don’t need to invest in new furniture (only one seat really matters), carpeting, tiles, wall fixtures, or even paint. Just a few contemporary bathroom accessories will beautify your entire home. The accessories will create a certain ambience for your bathroom, and if you keep up with modern styles every year, your bathroom will speak volumes about how smart and savvy you are when it comes to home design.

Top Contemporary Bathroom Accessories for 2018

1. Dark Towels and Fixtures

This year is all about dark yet vibrant colors. Think about the color scheme you want, and the bright ideas will start flowing.

2. Shower Accessories

If you love to soak in a bathtub, that’s great. More power to you!

But if a bathtub is just a waste of space, you’re better off leaving the bathtub out completely to make room for advanced accessories for your shower. Your shower can include seats to make leg-shaving easier, powerful shower heads with multiple settings, and even a steam option.

Contemporary Bathroom Accessories
3. Bath Bridges

If you are one of those people who loves to take a bath, bath bridges that you can set across the width of the bathtub contain space for a book, a cup, and soap. Being able to reach for these items easily will make your relaxing bath even more enjoyable.

4. Brass Faucets

Swapping your existing faucets for brass faucets is an easy way to modernize your bathroom.

5. Soap Dispenser and Hand Towel Combo

Known as a “hand washing valet,” this is one of the contemporary bathroom accessories that is perfect for the minimalist lifestyle trends we are seeing today.

Simple and easy is the way to go, and this item combines a soap dispenser with a towel stand – eliminating the need for an additional towel bar or hook. Some even provide a space to place your rings, watches, or other jewelry.

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A few simple accessories may be all you need, but a complete bathroom renovation is a better way to start modernizing your home. When you start fresh with a strong foundation and then update with modern bathroom accessories, you can have a thoroughly clean, stylish, and beautiful bathroom every year.

Contemporary Bathroom Accessories

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