Decluttering the Bathroom:  How to Simplify Your Daily Routine

Decluttering the bathroom can help simplify your daily routine.

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, it will undoubtedly end up cluttered at some point or another. And it’s not your fault. It’s completely understandable. You do a lot in the bathroom, so you need to have a lot in there. Decluttering the bathroom, however, may be easier and perhaps more enjoyable than you realize.

It’s important to do it as well, as being able to find what you need quickly can take much of the stress out of your daily routine. Following are a few tips that may help you tame that bathroom.

1. You probably don’t need quite that much in there.

The first step in decluttering the bathroom is to take everything out of the cabinets, and then clean the inside of the cabinets. When you’re ready, replace only the items you use only in the bathroom every day, such as toilet paper, hand soap, shaving supplies, eye care products, and dental products.

2. Decide if anything belongs elsewhere.

Many people style their hair, apply their makeup, and polish their nails in the bathroom. Others might use a bedroom, vanity desk in a nook, or another area of the home. If you don’t need hair care supplies, makeup, and dozens of nail polish bottles in the bathroom, move them to where you will use them.

If you apply makeup in the bathroom, it should be accessible to you. If not, you can declutter the bathroom by moving cosmetics and nail polish to another room.

3. Divide and conquer.

As you replace items into the bathroom, do so by category, such as cleaning supplies, hand soaps and lotions, toilet paper, and dental products. Keep them together so that it’s easier for you to find them later. Avoid stacking different items on top of each other, or you’ll find yourself shuffling items around before you can get to the one you need.

4. Use other rooms for storage.

You will need a minimal amount of backups in your bathroom, such as one extra roll of paper towel, but you don’t need all of the other rolls from the original package in there. Place items you purchased in bulk elsewhere in the house and replace them only as needed.

5. Organize towels.

In addition to removing things you don’t need out of your bathroom, it’s important to organize the things you do. If you store towels in your bathroom, go through the same steps as you did to declutter your cabinets. Remove them all, refold them neatly, and replace them by category. If you find anything in there that is not a towel, find somewhere else for it.

6. Go through your medicine cabinet.

Chances are you’ve collected many different medications over the years. Go through each one and check the expiration date. If it’s expired or you no longer have a need for it, take it to a Drug Take-Back location throughout the Phoenix area for safe disposal.

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