Desert Desserts for the Holidays and other Delightful Treats

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Something isn’t quite right about a pine tree covered in snow here, and you know very well there will be no such thing as a melting snowman. (You need snow to stay on the ground first!) No, around here, you need desert desserts for the holidays – Arizona style. With a little humor and creativity, you can use your newly renovated kitchen to create desert heat-themed desserts and other treats. Try these fun and un-traditionally festive ideas.

Desert Desserts for the Holidays and Other Treats

1. Cold cocoa

OK, so right off the bat, we know most of us love the cool December nights in Arizona. With that in mind, there’s one traditional holiday treat that is just right nationwide: a cup of hot chocolate, especially while sitting in a cozy room with friends and loved ones.

But if you want to transform it into an Arizona-themed holiday drink, try this frozen hot chocolate recipe from Genius Kitchen.

2. Palm tree cookies

Commercials and advertisements use pine trees as a symbol of the holidays, but in Arizona, the palm tree’s the thing. Try these palm tree cookies from Hungry Happenings. Sprinkle on some holiday cheer with green sugar crystals, or dust the cookies with powdered sugar to represent snow.

Desert Desserts for the Holidays

3. Snowman cupcakes with some magic

Combine a delicious coconut and mango-flavored cupcake recipe like this one from MyRecipes with snowman-themed icing and toppings, and you’ve created a tasty and charming dessert for the holidays.

4. Prickly pear pie

Yeah, yeah … pumpkin and sweet potato pie, we know. We’ve been there, done that. This year is the time to try something fun and new. Pair the idea of a fresh-baked pie with a tropical theme, and you will create the perfect desert dessert for the holidays.

Try this apple prickly pear pie recipe from Edible Baja Arizona. (Sure, you can go ahead and have that pumpkin and sweet potato pie, too. We won’t tell.)

5. Tropical-themed cheese ball

This pineapple cheese ball from Sippity Sup is shaped like a pineapple and will rival anything symbolic of the traditional New Year’s Eve at Times Square ball. It’s so pretty, too, that your guests will think twice about eating it. Tell them to feel free to indulge anyway!

6. Beer-brined turkey

Tropical fruits like pineapple and mango go perfect with that holiday turkey. Try this flavorful beer-brined turkey from the BeerAdvocate website.

Look for More Ideas

One of the greatest benefits of having a fabulous new kitchen is all the fun and tasty foods you can make in it. With a little creativity and inspiration, you can make desert desserts for the holidays that your family and friends will never forget.

Desert Desserts for the Holidays

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