Design and Door Options for Showers: Some Things to Think About

Design and Door Options for Showers

Looking to create the perfect shower for your bathroom? Do you have a unique design that you’ve been dreaming about for years? Then you need to understand the best design and door options for showers. With this information, you can create a bathroom that is perfect for you!

Design and Door Options for Showers

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are very popular in showers, as they provide convenience and style while allowing the shower to fit in smaller areas because you don’t need room for the door to slide outward. They are usually two panels (although they can be three) that slide on a rail, providing easy access to the shower. You’ll need a larger shower opening, however, because this style calls for at least 60 inches of space to accommodate the two panels.

Swinging Doors

Acting pretty much like a normal door, this style hinges outward to provide access into the shower. They are usually installed in smaller showers with less than 60 inches of opening space. Pivoting shower doors are especially useful if you like the frameless glass style (more on that below), and the doors can even be designed to blend in with the surrounding wall or decor.

Design and Door Options for Showers

Frameless Glass Enclosure

You can get frameless doors for several styles, including sliding and pivoting doors. Frameless provides a sleek, modern appearance that looks great with minimalist designs, making it one of the most popular design and door options for showers. They are often more aesthetically pleasing, and they look great on showers with decorative tile work, as it allows you to see the tile wherever you stand in the bathroom.

Doorless Showers

For a very simple, casual look, you can design a doorless shower. In many cases, you’ll need more space for this style of shower, as you need a large area to avoid water splashing all over the bathroom. However, a doorless shower has a certain visual appeal that somehow seems more luxurious and high-end.

Multiple Entrances

You aren’t limited to one entrance. With a little creativity, you can create multiple entrances to your shower. It creates a highly practical way to get in and out of your shower, and gives your bathroom a unique flair.

Learn More about Design and Door Options for Showers with Our Expert Team

Contact the team at JK Cabinets & Design and we’ll help you create a world-class shower that makes your entire bathroom a work of art and a functional space.

From elegant doors to doorless tiled showers, we can help you understand all the best options so you make the right decision for your future. With the right advice from our experts, you’ll have a bathroom that you love for years!

Design and Door Options for Showers

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