Tips for Designing your Dream Bathroom for your Needs

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Designing your Dream Bathroom for your Needs

Designing your dream bathroom for your needs seems like a fairly simple process. Choose your favorite features and designs and you’re all set. Right?

Actually, the process should be a little more detailed. You need to take your time, consider the specific needs of people using the bathroom, and create a space that works for your budget.

With the right approach, designing your dream bathroom can be a quick, effortless process!

Designing your Dream Bathroom for your Needs

Start Big, Then Go Small

Dream big! It’s okay to start your bathroom design by dreaming up the most imaginative decorations and unique features. Get all your thoughts on paper, and don’t be afraid to include design themes that others might find unappealing. This is the brainstorming step to designing your dream bathroom for your needs, and once it’s complete, you can start trimming down and creating a more “realistic” bathroom.

Do You Really Need a Bathtub?

Designing your Dream Bathroom for your Needs

Think long and hard before adding a bathtub. How often do you honestly think you’ll use it? If you currently take a bath once a week, or if you honestly believe you will use it, then by all means install a tub. But be realistic; most people don’t take baths, and a lot of space can be saved by simply adding a stand-in shower.

Different Strategies for Different Bathrooms

Which bathroom you are remodeling will affect your final design. For example, master bathrooms are often more specific and personalized, with greater use of bold or unique styles. Bathrooms just outside of the kitchen, however, will be used by many different people; perhaps the bowl sink and wall-mounted faucet would be more appropriate somewhere else.

Will You Need Safety Rails?

Designing your Dream Bathroom for your Needs

Safety should be considered whenever you are designing a bathroom for your needs. If anyone in your home will need grab rails and other safety features, make sure they are installed at the appropriate places. You may need safety rails for elderly people as well as children or disabled individuals.

Do You Shave Your Legs in the Shower?

It seems pretty trivial, but if you shave your legs in the shower, you’re going to want a shower that gives you enough space and enough light to complete the task. This can be crucial for deciding whether a large shower would be appropriate, and let’s face it, even guys like a large area for taking a shower!

Designing Your Dream Bathroom for Your Needs Has Never Been Easier!

Working with a professional bathroom designer can help you make the right decisions for your bathroom.

Contact the experts at JK Cabinets & Design, and you’ll have the right design for every room in your home!

Designing your Dream Bathroom for your Needs

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