Dog-Friendly Kitchen Design Ideas that will Make Your Pet Feel Pampered

There are many dog-friendly kitchen design ideas that will make your pet feel special.

As you’re designing your new kitchen, you’ll want to think of everyone in your family – and that includes your four-legged family members. Smart dog-friendly kitchen designs will allow you to incorporate the needs of your pets in neat, fun, and beautiful ways, so your pet will feel more at home in the kitchen than ever.

Efficient and Beautiful Dog-Friendly Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Include a cubby for your puppy.

We know your dog loves to watch you cook, and you truly enjoy having her in there too. It’s not ideal, however, to have the dog at your feet every time you move. That’s not safe, as it could cause a tripping hazard and possibly lead you to drop something onto the dog. To make sure the dog does not feel left out while you’re in the kitchen, however, include furniture, such as a miniature island, with a cubby hole where your dog can lounge and watch you.

Incorporating dog-friendly design ideas into your kitchen can help keep you and them safer.
2. Set up a doggie diner.

Include an attractively designed pull-out pet feeder cabinet for dog food storage that makes it easy for you to scoop food into your dog’s dish while keeping your kitchen or other areas of your home neat and organized. The shelving units can include a separate area for snacks, and some come with an area for food and water bowls on the bottom. Just remember to incorporate a spot for this cabinet in your kitchen design plans. For fun and to beautify the kitchen, consider placing a personalized frame or plaque on the wall to let people know it’s Max’s corner.

3. Create a mini linen closet.

If you have a sliding door in your kitchen that your dog uses to get in and out of the house, consider placing a small but pretty cart or creating a tiny closet near the door. Leave towels and wipes in this cabinet or on the cart to wipe any dirt off your dog’s paws.

Contact JK Cabinets for More Ideas

These are only some of the ways you can incorporate the needs of your dog into your kitchen design, but there are many more possibilities. Making sure that your kitchen is ideal for everyone in your family and everything you do in the kitchen is one of best reasons to work with a professional kitchen designer in the Mesa area.

For additional dog-friendly kitchen design ideas or to get started on your kitchen renovation, contact us today. With years of experience in kitchen design, we can offer suggestions that you may never have considered before. You may also see our blog page for additional kitchen design ideas and organization tips.


See our blog page for more kitchen design tips.

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