Double Kitchen Islands: Design Ideas that are Sure to Inspire

Double kitchen islands can enhance the luxurious appeal of your home while providing additional functionality.

Double kitchen islands in home designs are among the most popular trends today. They provide beauty, functionality, and more space while incorporating an additional element of luxury into your Arizona home. There’s no wonder why they are so popular in kitchen renovation projects.

Why Homeowners Love Double Kitchen Islands

Keep in mind that a double kitchen island layout is better with an interior designer’s special touch. Without it, you risk creating an industrial appearance in your kitchen.  That being said, let’s take a look at why homeowners love this kitchen design trend.

Multi-Purpose in Multiple Areas

Think about all you can do with just one kitchen island:

  • Sit around it to socialize with family and friends.
  • Use it as a food prep area.
  • Set out food and drinks for a party.
  • Store dishware, utensils, and whatever else you desire inside, on (think spice rack), or over it (think hanging pots and pans).

Kitchen islands are the place where people often gather to socialize and have fun. Double kitchen islands can enhance your Arizona kitchen even further.

If you can do all that with just one, imagine what two could do. For instance, you can make one functional and the other fun, such as dedicating one to food prep while leaving the other for those late night game nights. One can include a miniature sink, while the other has a solid countertop. One can have a small oven, while the other has a mini fridge. You can even design them in different – but complementary – colors and materials.

And think about this possibility: you may be able to make one of the kitchen islands lower than the other, allowing young children to sit with you while you’re in the kitchen.

Luxurious Design

Double kitchen islands add more luxury to a home, and you can design them the way you choose. Renovating your entire kitchen is an extensive project, but when you add two kitchen islands, creating an intriguing design may be a bit easier.

You’ll still want it to match the kitchen, but you can have fun at the same time. Creating double kitchen islands that are luxurious and fun while enhancing your existing kitchen design is where working with design consultants really makes the difference.

More Room to Be You

On the surface, you may think that double kitchen islands will take up space. In reality, they enhance storage space while keeping your kitchen more organized.

Additionally, you will still have your basic cabinets and appliances around the perimeter of your kitchen. Social islands simply make the kitchen whole, allowing you to socialize and see the world around you while you work.

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