Helpful Tips for Bathroom Remodels


Thinking about doing a bathroom remodel project? Here are a few quick tips to help you get your design concept going.


You need to take you time when planning your bathroom remodel layout. A smart layout will allow you and your family to share the bathroom and still get to work or school on time. In order to do a great bathroom remodel job, you need to think of your bathroom like parts of a puzzle. Your toilet is one area, you bathe or shower is another area, and your sink is found in yet another area. With three areas to try and connect as one, you want to make sure there is an easy flow, space is well used, and it is easy for everyone to use the bathroom at one time if the need arises.



A bathroom remodel project is a great way to remove the obstacle course. You want to reduce clutter, use space wisely, and give everything a place. You start your day in the bathroom and most likely end your day there as well. If you are tripping over the cord of your hairdryer or stepping over towels on the floor, your bathroom remodel project needs to target how to make you bathroom safe and worry free. Thin about custom made storage shelves or a built-in laundry hamper. Divided drawer spaces are great for small items that you can never seem to find fast enough. Getting organized will make your bathroom a safer place with everything at your fingers.

Think Color

We all have our favorite colors and use those colors on a daily basis in our lives. They help us create an image that will soothe, inspire and be inviting. Color is important and by using color in your bathroom remodel project, you can express yourself in an otherwise silent room. A bathroom remodel project that uses color the right way will improve your feelings of well-being. It also tells your guests that you are versatile and maybe even adventurous.

OK – you have your layout all figured out and your ideas are all lined out. Now all you need is the right people to get you started. When you want the best in bathroom remodels, call JK Cabinets & Design We are a small, female owned and operated firm servicing the Phoenix Metro area, as well as Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler and Gilbert.

59721800With 20 years of design know-how, we offer our clients quality, low price options. Our showroom is friendly, cozy, and offers an ample display of styles and options (Bathroom Remodel Galley). Best of all – our contractors are licensed and have worked with us for well over 10 years. We would not trust our design projects to anyone else! So you can be sure that your remodel project will be of the highest quality in workmanship, design and materials.

It does not matter how big or how small your remodel project is. We are ready to help you create the beauty and style you want, with quality service and affordable prices. Call us at 480-219-9580 or visit our contact page (click here) to set up an appointment today to begin working with one of the best home design and remodeling firms in Arizona – JK Cabinets & Design.
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