Helpful Tips to Make Your Bathroom More Accessible

Make your Bathroom More Accessible

A bathroom design or redesign is one of the hardest projects to undertake. Why? You really need to think about what you want to change and how to go about it. You have to consider not only your needs, but also the needs of all the others who live in your house. Let’s face it – visitors come and go, but spouses, children, or any extended family living with you are pretty much there on a full-time basis. Here are some things to consider as you gather ideas for your bathroom design and some tips to make your bathroom more accessible to all users.

1. Space

Enter your bathroom and act like a critic. Sometimes being able to add “extra” space, like extending a wall or adding built-in shelving, is not always possible.

Take a look at the space you have now and see if there is any area that you can change into usable space. Maybe an empty wall could hold shelves for storage. Maybe adding a few storage baskets to an empty corner will add color and extra usable space.

2. Toilet Height

Now this may sound strange, but again, it goes back to thinking about everyone in your home. Most people cannot buy a new or different home every five years. This means you or someone else may be “aging” in your home.

Installing a comfort height toilet makes it easier to sit and stand. Some people install a wall-hung toilet. This will save you at least a foot of space, and because it is fully concealed, it will be sleek, seamless, and easy to clean.

Try a toilet with a hidden or skirted trapway (that awful-looking pipe coming from the wall into the back of the toilet). Once again – easy to clean and gives an all-together look.

3. To Shower or Not To Shower

Make your Bathroom More Accessible

Parents who have little ones in the house know this: they like to play in the tub. But stepping in and out of a tub can lead to accidents – for adults and children alike. Do you have room for a grabber bar? That way all users have a way to steady themselves and prevent falling.

A shower could make your bathroom more accessible because the step “up” or “down” is minimal. Even in a shower, a grabber bar is a good idea. Soap manages to find your eye when you really don’t want it to!

4. Make Cabinets Usable

We all know about the cabinet under the sink. Pipes get in the way and we lose valuable space. Pull-out shelves, similar to the ones you see in kitchens, give you an added level of space while making it easy to find what you need (instead of bending and searching).

What about your medicine cabinet? Can you install a larger one with extra room to “declutter” your countertop? My aunt likes the counter space around her sink squeaky clean – no bottles, boxes, etc. When we redid her bathroom, we got a larger medicine cabinet so she could put things away and get them off the countertop – making her very happy!

5. Slip and Fall Free Zone

Most people use bath mats both in and out of the tub/shower to prevent falling. This would be a good time to think about grabber bars and floor products with an anti-slip finish. Smaller tiles are a better choice because even though it will require more grout lines, those grout lines can aid in giving traction and support, especially with wet feet.

6. Doors

Whether you’re thinking about the main door to the bathroom or cabinet doors, consider sliding doors. Sliding doors prevent chips in the wall behind them. In addition, if people are going in and out, you won’t have to worry about hitting knees on an open cabinet door or a door-in-the-face mishap by someone trying to get in as you are trying to get out. Even on your shower or tub, sliding doors make it easier to get in and out. They are a great way to make your bathroom more accessible.

Yes, it’s a lot to think about! Any design or redesign takes time and patience, but with the right help, you can create a room that is sleek, stylish and functional all in one. JK Cabinets can help you turn your ideas to make your bathroom more accessible from images on paper to actual results with a minimum amount of stress and worry. Contact us for a free consultation.

Make your Bathroom More Accessible

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