Easy Options for Hiding the Plumbing in Your Bathroom

Hiding the Plumbing in Your Bathroom

“I love the way your bathroom was renovated! It’s so beautiful,” your guest says with bright eyes and a wide smile. And then goes silent when she looks down. She simply can’t pretend that she thinks those ugly pipes are beautiful too, so the only thing you can do is stand in front of them and change the subject. You don’t want to spend the time and effort to beautify your bathroom only to forget about the details that can spoil the look. Luckily, hiding the plumbing in your bathroom is easier than you think, and you can even do it with items that belong in your bathroom anyway.

Hiding the Plumbing in Your Bathroom

For the most part, the pipes will be inside the walls, but other pipes, like the ones under your bathroom sink, may still be visible.

An option is to use wood or drywall to box in such pipes, leaving one side open to make sure you can still safely access them. Afterward, use the same paint or wallpaper so that they match the rest of that particular spot.

Hiding the Plumbing in Your Bathroom

When you do that, you essentially make them a part of the room, creating a seamless look. Especially when it comes to bathroom sink cabinets, boxing in the pipes might even protect items that you store in the cabinet from leaking water or rust.

Another option is to place other items, such as rolling storage bath carts, in front of them. A mobile storage cabinet would be especially useful because you can still move it away in case you need to get to the plumbing fixture. Just make sure you don’t store valuable items in or on that cart, just in case of a burst pipe. Consider using that cart for towels and toiletries.

Along those lines, if your toilet’s plumbing is visible, place your trash can or a step stool near it to hide the pipes.

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Hiding the Plumbing in Your Bathroom

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