What is a High-Tech Toilet?

High-tech toilets offer features such as automatic flush, remote controls, and seat warmers.

There are an increasing number of high-tech toilets on the market; enough to make you want to dump the old standard. But what’s out there? What is a high-tech toilet and how is it different from a regular flusher?

Let’s talk potty, and by that we mean the latest in high-tech toilets. Today’s toilets are built for cleanliness, comfort and convenience. Some are just plain fun. With a wide range of prices, everyone from the millionaire to the average Joe should consider these John’s for their bathroom design.

Here’s a list of the features available on modern high-tech toilets:

• Touch-Free Flush. You might recognize this feature from those toilets at the stadiums, airports and other large public buildings. Toilets that automatically flush are not just reserved for the public anymore. Wave your hand over the infrared sensor, and the toilet flushes. With some models starting at $500, more people can afford the no-touch flush.

• Remote controls. You won’t be flushing with your hands, but you will be controlling the toilet with it’s touch-screen remote. All high-end units allow the user to control the potty’s many features with a single touch.


• Automatic Lid. An infrared sensor will raise the lid when you approach, and lower it when the toilet is not being used. Install this feature and you’ll never get in trouble for leaving the lid up again.

• Built-in bidet. Clean like a European by using the built-in bidet water feature.

• Self cleaning. Some high-tech toilets utilize self-cleaning nozzles, eliminating the need for scrubbing. Toilets with this feature have a liquid cleaner cartridge situated in the toilet tank. Cleaner swirls through the bowl in either a quick or deep clean cycle.

• Heated seats. Adjustable warm air dyers keep your bottom toasty.

• Comfort height. Many high-tech toilets are considered “Comfort height” toilets, meaning they sit about 17 to 19 inches high, or about 2 or 3 inches higher traditional toilets. The added height makes getting on and off easier.

• Air fresheners. Many high-tech toilets have built-in air fresheners, eliminating the need for candles, sprays and other deodorizers.

• Lights, Speakers. Some high-tech toilets come equipped with blue-tooth speakers, allowing you to stream from your smartphone or tablet to your toilet. Night lights are installed as well, making for a well-lit bathroom at night.

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