How to Create Timeless Classic Kitchen Styles to Fit your Needs

Classic Kitchen Styles

When remodeling or redesigning a kitchen, it’s important to use classic styles that are virtually guaranteed to last. Staying up-to-date with current design trends and the latest fashions is certainly important, but these styles can be fleeting. After a few years (or a few months), what’s in style now can be a laughable mess. (Think shag carpet or bright orange countertops!) … So how can you ensure your kitchen will look great in a decade, no matter what the style? The trick is to stick with classic kitchen styles.

Classic Kitchen Styles from JK Cabinets and Design

Wood Cabinets and Flooring

Wood is one of the timeless materials that will never be out of style. Wood has been used for thousands of years to create gorgeous interior styles, and the warm, welcoming appeal of wood makes for a relaxing atmosphere. Also, wood can be light, dark or stained to a myriad of tones, allowing it to match with many different styles.

White Cabinetry

Cream or white paint on cabinets has an appeal that is used in many different interior styles, including Victorian and country-rustic styles. It also matches well with other materials, giving it unbeatable versatility.

Subway Tile Backsplash

If you want to give your backsplash an appealing style that is sure to last, try subway tile. The common size is 3-inch by 6-inch tile, giving it a brick-like appearance, but this form of tile can be used in smaller square or rectangular shapes.

Classic Kitchen StylesNeutral Colors

Like white, neutral colors such as grey and beige are very popular among interior designers. Neutral tiles, paints, or countertops pair well with many other design themes and can be matched to almost any current design trend.

Ceramic Flooring

Ceramic tile looks excellent against almost any cabinetry and countertop combination. You really can’t go wrong with ceramic tile, and you can find options in light, dark, cool, and warm. From colorful to faded, there is a ceramic tile option for any kitchen, and practically all of them help create classic kitchen styles.

Design for Functionality and Convenience

If you are redoing the overall layout of your space, you can make a classic kitchen by simply focusing on functionality and convenience. When you make cabinets easy to access, place the fridge in an appropriate location, and have walkways that are clear of prep areas, you create a kitchen that will last through the ages.

Create a Classic Kitchen Style with JK Cabinets & Design

You can have a world-class kitchen when you work with JK Cabinets & Design.

From initial planning to final execution of your classic kitchen style, we are here to help you achieve outstanding results for your home, so contact us today!

Classic Kitchen Styles


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