How to Find the Best Dishwasher for your Kitchen Renovation Project

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Ahh, the dishwasher. It just might be the unsung hero of modern living. It’s certainly the most underrated appliance in the kitchen. Sure, we sing the graces of an advanced refrigerator and elegant stovetop, but the dishwasher gets little to no credit. … Unfortunately, this leads people to purchase any dishwasher they find; as long as it matches the kitchen design, they are happy. This can be a mistake, as choosing a dishwasher deserves as much attention as the oven and fridge. If you’re wondering how to find the best dishwasher for your kitchen renovation project, you need the right information and the right approach.

How to Find the Best Dishwasher for your Kitchen Renovation Project

The Right Settings and Features for Your Needs

Depending on your needs, and more specifically, your dishwashing habits, you’ll want to choose various features and settings. If you rinse your plates before loading them into the dishwasher, you won’t need the heavy-scrub settings, although it never hurts to have this feature. If you don’t mind drying dishes, or can let them air dry, then advanced drying features may not be needed as well. Think about what you need before you buy.

How to Find the Best Dishwasher for your Kitchen Renovation Project

What’s the Right Size for Your Home?

The dishwasher you choose should have enough room for a full meal of dishes while allowing a bit of space between items, which helps with cleaning. How big is your household? If it’s just you, then a small dishwasher will be fine. If you have a large family (or you entertain large groups), then you’ll likely prefer a larger unit. Of course, you’ll also need to consider the available space, which can likely be modified as your kitchen is renovated.

Will a Noisy Dishwasher Be Annoying?

When you’re wondering how to find the best dishwasher, start with the location. Is your kitchen right next to the living room? Do you have an open floor plan? If there’s a chance that a noisy dishwasher will be an annoyance, then try to find a unit that will be quieter when in use. Generally (but not exclusively), low-cost units will be louder.

Choose EnergyStar if You Want Efficiency

If you are concerned about energy use, one of your best allies is EnergyStar, a section of the EPA. This organization provides product information on energy efficiency, helping consumers make smart choices with unbiased information. They provide recommendations, information, and certifications for many different products, including dishwashers.

How to Find the Best Dishwasher? Start with JK Cabinets & Design

You can find a dishwasher that matches your needs and your style. If you are making kitchen renovations, talk with the team at JK Cabinets & Design and we’ll help you get the right look for your space.

How to Find the Best Dishwasher for your Kitchen Renovation Project

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