Interior Colors That Fit Every Design Project

Interior Colors

I happen to be a big fan of This Old House – so I would recommend you visit one of their sites and see what they’ve put together. Yet the best interior colors that fit every design project are those colors that will go with the ebb-and-flow of almost every other color scheme, bring in bits of style, softness, graciousness and eye-catching design. Below are some of the best bets.

The first of the interior colors is Gray. It is one of the forgotten neutrals, and is a mix of black and white with no undertones. This makes it a good fit that will mix with other colors and tones to create cohesion without being overpowering. It is considered stylish and sophisticated, while inviting creativity.

Take a new look at Beige. It is considered a neutral color but is a very light shade of brown so you can mix it with various tones to create a bit of traditional warmth. It is a more natural color that may work better if your design styles are traditional. Beige adds depth to a monochromatic color scheme. Looking for ideas? Visit

The most used of the interior colors that will fit every type of design project is White. It is a very traditional color, and is easy to take care of. White also has many shades and undertones, so it would be very easy to add to your design scheme. One great point about using white is that you can incorporate other colors, from vibrant to pastel, which will make the room pop and speak to the ‘you’ in your design.

A color I would have never thought of is Pewter. Pewter is considered a great ‘go-to’ color and is a good ‘neutral’ that will work well with other color palettes. Pewter has warm undertones, looks great in all types of lighting, and will blend with designs from traditional to modern.

Another natural and easy to use design color is Taupe. Taupe seems to take on the color of putty, yet when used, can display character that is soft and opulent. Taupe is somewhere between brown and gray, a bit darker than other neutral colors, and develops various undertones as well. Taupe will work well with most design styles – contemporary, modern or traditional. It will definitely let other colors strut their stuff while creating togetherness. For some great ideas using Taupe see

For more ideas on the psychology of color and design, visit Another good place to get color ideas that are up-and-coming is

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Interior Colors

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