Kitchen & Bath Remodel

JK Cabinets & Design is a local, full-service kitchen remodeling and design company.

We offer a wide range of brands and styles to help you create the cabinets and countertops you want to come home to.  It does not matter whether we come in and redesign your existing home or add beauty as part of a new build.

Full Bath Remodel 

When it comes to bath remodeling, we can completely remove, gut, and replace existing tubs, sinks, and showers. We will work with the contractors on all of your remodeling elements. We will assist in designing all of the necessary layouts, including tile. We will make sure all of the needed products have been ordered. Once the products arrive, we will work the contractors to make sure everything is completed and according to design specs.

Bathroom Facelifts

JK Cabinets & Design can also give your bathroom a facelift by replacing everything with new products while retaining your existing layout.

Our designers have a good ‘eye’ when it comes to remodeling homes. We know how to put it all together for beautiful results. We make sure our design efforts make the best use of all available space, workmanship flows properly, and the end product matches all of your design ideas.

Call us at (480) 219-9580 to set up an appointment today to create and design all of your kitchen and bath remodeling ideas. Our consultations are free, and held in your home, when it is convenient for you.



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