Countertop Edges: Understanding the Options Before a Kitchen Renovation

Countertop edges can give your kitchen redesign the flair you're looking for.

You may know the material and style you want for your kitchen cabinets and countertops, but there may be one detail you’re overlooking. Countertop edges can give your kitchen the personality you’re going for, whether it’s classic, simple, modern, or intricate.

Let’s take a look at some of the kitchen countertop edges you might consider for your home.

1. Standard Edges

Standard edges offer a simple option for nearly any design. They can be straight or curved. Even with straight edges, the corners are often rounded to protect them from damage.

2. Eased Edge

An eased edge is generally straight, but slightly softened to reduce the point as one may see with simple laminate countertops.

3. Double Radius

This is an eased edge, but the degree of the curve may be deeper and more defined.

4. Classic Ogee Countertop Edges

The ogee style has a concave radius.

5. Double Ogee

It features two levels of classic ogee style.

6. Beveled Edges

Beveled countertops feature a subtle, typically 45-degree angled edge.

7. Double Bevel

The double bevel has varied angles.’

8. Triple Pencil

Triple pencil countertop edges feature three layers of rounded edges. Think of looking at the edge of a stack of pancakes.

9. Dupont Bullnose

Bullnose edges are rounded.  A full bullnose edge makes the edges appear thinner.

10. Half Bullnose

A half bullnose is also rounded, but it appears thicker. Think bullnose dolphin.

11. Step Half Bullnose

A step half bullnose countertop edge is rounded like the bullnose, but the design looks like it has a thin layer on top that is more squared.

12. Bevel Bullnose

A bevel bullnose countertop edge is gentle but features a slight slant so that the top of the countertop edge is slightly shorter than the bottom of the edge.

13. Waterfall Countertop

A waterfall countertop curves all the way to the floor and allows room for chairs to be tucked under the counter.

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