Kitchen Design Styles: Which One is Right for You?

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Is your style Country Chic or Traditional? Do you prefer Farmhouse or Old World? Maybe you’re a Coastal kind of person. With all of the different kitchen design styles available today, it’s hard to tell if you’re more of a Mediterranean or French Country kind of person – or are those the same thing?

If you’re confused by the number of different kitchen styles, you’re not alone. Long gone are the days when kitchens were dull workspaces closed off from the rest of the house. Kitchens today are central to family life, with many serving as the heart of the home. Here are the kitchen design styles to help you decide what’s best for you.

8 Kitchen Design Styles to Consider

1. Traditional Kitchen

Start with glass or paneled doors on the cabinets and add white tile backsplash for a clean look that reflects light. Add latch or icebox hardware for a 1950s Americana element.

2. French Country or Mediterranean

A favorite on many cable television design shows, think the kitchens in the South of France with a soft, romantic feel. Timeworn surfaces, warm-toned cabinetry, copper accents, and ceramic accessories round out the look.


A French-designed home features white furniture and wooden floors.

French-Designed Home

3. Farmhouse

Another cable television show staple, country farmhouse gives you the feeling of being on the farm even if you’re in the middle of the desert. Look for farmhouse tables, furniture-like cabinetry, and a mix of finishes. Mix and match colors for more of a country look.


Kitchen design styles include a farmhouse kitchen, as shown here.

Farmhouse Kitchen

4. Coastal Kitchen

You can feel like you’re at the beach even in Arizona by creating a coastal look with shades of sand, white, green and blue.  Look for window treatments that let in the sunshine, white cabinetry, and accents such as sea shells, sand dollars and more.

5. Cottage Style

Designed to feel cozy, cottage style is perfect for smaller spaces. They’re also the perfect backdrop for collectibles and antiques. If you enjoy flea markets, this style of kitchen will allow you to display your collectibles. To complete this look, add high-end appliances in retro colors or white.


A cottage style kitchen can feature a charming appeal. This kitchen design features a wooden staircase, wooden bar stools, and even wooden storage cabinets.

Cottage Style Kitchen

6. Old World

Detailed dark mahogany finishes, stone or wood floors, and countertops with bluenosed edges help complete this look. Round out the look with heavy fabrics and historical accessories (or at least something that looks old).

7. Contemporary Kitchen Design

Since cooking with company has replaced cooking for company, a contemporary kitchen also serves as entertaining space. A larger space with plenty of room for guests to spread out. Add gourmet cooking supplies and kitchen island seating to complete the look.

8. Modern

Not to be confused with Contemporary, a modern kitchen is sleek and sophisticated. Very little clutter, lucite seating, highly polished woods reflective surfaces and high-tech accessories add to the modern flare.


Modern kitchen design styles feature very little clutter.

Modern Kitchen


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