Top Kitchen Design Trends that we Love

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Thinking about upgrading or redesigning your kitchen? Below are some of the kitchen design trends that we love. They may seem ordinary, but they are classic elements to make your kitchen design project one that you will never regret.

Kitchen Design Trends you will Love


One of the kitchen trends that we love and is here to stay is to make sure your kitchen is functional. Do you enjoy big dinner parties and holiday get-togethers? Or are you one for a drawer full of menus that make life quick and easy? Is this a room where the family spends most of its time and energy, or do you just want a place where you can heat and serve buffet-style? Think about what you use your kitchen for and build around it.

Visually Appealing

Another trend we love is incorporating subtle designs with clean, simple lines, to give you a room that is smooth, polished and very eye-catching. Modern kitchens are becoming more and more acceptable, rather than the cookie-cutter designs that once ruled kitchen design projects. It’s all about the feel, the textures, and the blend of materials you use that will create a kitchen that dazzles the eye.

Storage is King

You can never have enough storage no matter how big your kitchen is! Storage will take away the clutter and allow you to use your space to show off decorative pieces, display that well-loved Kitchen Aid, and keep everything in its place! From cabinets to drawers to pantries – there is always a need to keep something out of reach or for easy reach! Slide-out shelves, built-in Lazy-Susan’s, and pull-out pantries will maximize space efficiently.

Colors of White, Gray and Neutral

While white is still the #1 color for kitchens, grays and neutrals are beginning to stand up and take notice as kitchen design trends. Grays and neutrals work well with earth tones as well as a variety of design styles and elements. Best of all – working with these color schemes will then allow you ‘pops of color’ that will help your kitchen ‘blend’ in with the rest of your home’s style and color scheme.

White Appliances

While stainless steel appliances are trendy and fashionable, they do require a good bit of upkeep. Finger prints and smudges are easily seen on stainless steel and means constant cleaning. White appliances gracefully blend in with any other color scheme, design, or style you want for your kitchen. Want to add a bit of color? Paint the wall behind the stove or refrigerator and it will instantly set off the appliance and create an eye-catching conversation piece.

Open Floor Plan

The open floor plan is our all-time favorite kitchen design that we love. It allows the kitchen to be connected to other parts of your home, as well as allowing for the ‘people connection’ to happen without an intruding wall. An open floor plan creates a spacious look that is appealing and inviting, making it the nucleus of your home!

Technologically Smart

Technology is everywhere and your kitchen is no different. We like having an area on one of the kitchen counters that is equipped with outlets that accommodate all of our Smartphones, tablets, and even has room to install a monitor so you can watch your favorite cooking show or TV episode while making dinner. Remember, kitchens are not just for eating and drinking anymore but are quickly becoming focal points for all sorts of family activities.

Take the Next Steps

Looking for more ideas on kitchen design trends, innovations and designs? See some really ‘eye-catching’ ideas here.

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Kitchen Design Trends

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