Long Term Kitchen Remodel Trends you should Consider

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Top Kitchen Redesign Trends for 2018

The kitchen design you select is going to be with you for years – possibly decades. For this reason, you need to take your time and choose long term kitchen remodel trends that will look good today, tomorrow, in five years, and in 25 years.

You need a design that will last!

Too many people, unfortunately, choose the fleeting kitchen trends from well-meaning design magazines and “experts.” Touting the latest styles, these sources often lead people into kitchen trends that are fashionable today but out of style tomorrow.

Can you afford to remodel again? Would you even want to?

There are many timeless, long term kitchen design trends that you can use to create a better kitchen that will look fantastic, even after decades of use…

Long Term Kitchen Remodel Trends

White as a Foundation

Long Term Kitchen Remodel Trends

Even after Labor Day, white is still in style. (At least in the kitchen!) White cabinetry creates the foundation for many design styles, and although the basic color has been popular for years, it remains one of the top choices for kitchens all across the country. Part of the reason for white’s wide-spread use is its versatility, as it matches many different countertops, floors, and decor themes.

Neutral Grays

If you’re not quite ready for the pristine appearance of white, you can choose a solid neutral grey and have many of the same benefits, including versatility and a clean, unthreatening nature. Be careful with gray, however; you don’t want to overdo it and have your kitchen look like a dreary winter day. Be sure to add splashes of color or even wood decorations to liven up the atmosphere.

Granite or Quartz Countertops

Long Term Kitchen Remodel Trends

Natural materials are excellent for providing a long term kitchen remodel trend to your home. Stone countertops, including granite and quartz, are top choices for providing superior longevity to your kitchen’s design. Quartz has become especially popular, thanks in large part to its durability and scratch-resistance. It also doesn’t have to be sealed on a regular basis, unlike many other natural-stone materials.

Wood Cabinetry is a Classic Long Term Kitchen Remodel Trend

For years, many people have preferred wood stain over paint. While specifics might change, you can’t go wrong with a richly stained wood cabinet. These kitchen designs add a perfect blend of modern style and timeless design, giving your home an unmatched warmth and friendliness.

The Kitchen Design Experts for Your Home

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Long Term Kitchen Remodel Trends

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