Best Methods of Cleaning Kitchen Windows and Sliding Doors

Cleaning Kitchen Windows and Sliding Doors

If you have such a fear of streaks and smudges that the mere thought of cleaning kitchen windows and sliding doors can make you avoid looking out of the windows at all, you need help, immediately.

We know. You’ve heard it all, and some of it is even contradictory: Use vinegar. Wipe in small circles. Don’t use the circle method. Use chemicals. Don’t use chemicals. Stick with water. Use soap. Don’t use soap. Whew! It’s no wonder you’re afraid to clean those windows.

Luckily, you have our support, and here it goes. …

8 Tried and True Tips for Cleaning Kitchen Windows and Sliding Doors

1. Watch the water: If the water you’re using isn’t clean, it’s only compounding the problem. Tap water has tons of chemicals and minerals in it that may be healthy for you and your teeth, but not very helpful when it comes to wiping all that cooking-related residue off your windows.

2. Yep, vinegar is still good: A mixture of vinegar and that clean water we just mentioned is a natural method of cleaning kitchen windows and sliding doors.

Cleaning Kitchen Windows and Sliding Doors

3. Try a squeegee: It’s what the professionals use, and for good reason. Water and a touch of basic dishwashing liquid is all you’ll need. Because the blade is firmly on the glass with each stroke, it’s an efficient way to move dirt and water away completely, resulting in cleaner windows with less streaking.

4. Newspaper isn’t our favorite idea: It’s really common sense. It can leave ink on the glass just like it can leave ink on your hands, and paper isn’t the most absorbent object. Actually it doesn’t absorb moisture much at all. In fact, it’ll probably disintegrate right in your hands. So toss the paper and forget about it.

5. Small circular motions can help: If you’re using a squeegee, that pretty much negates this concept. However, if you do plan to use a cloth, cleaning the windows in a circular motion is more effective than vertical or horizontal motions. Plus, it’ll allow you to work your muscles and skip the gym later.

6. Be fair: Whatever solution you’re using as you are cleaning kitchen windows and sliding doors, make sure you spread it evenly on the glass. Using soaked sponges as opposed to spray bottles and paper towels is an effective way of accomplishing this.

7. Pre-clean: If your kitchen windows are especially grimy or dirty, you might need to clean them a few times before making them look all shiny and pretty with your last cleaning.

8. Dry polish: Consider using a dry microfiber cloth as a final step to really make your window sparkle.

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Cleaning Kitchen Windows and Sliding Doors

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