Resolution: New Kitchen Cabinets for a New Year

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New Kitchen Cabinets for a New Year

New Year’s resolutions come up every year, but they usually last only a short while. Most involve health, family, or work, but some involve home improvements. “This year,” we tell ourselves, “I’m finally going to make those remodeling changes!” Then the resolutions are abandoned by mid-February…if not sooner. New kitchen cabinets, however, offer a wonderful opportunity for the new year. Compared to redesigning the entire home, finishing a basement, or remodeling a bathroom, new cabinets are fast, effective, and affordable.

New Kitchen Cabinets for a New Year

Gives Your Kitchen a Rejuvenated Look

If your kitchen is starting to look outdated and worn-down, don’t let another year pass without updating your space. New kitchen cabinets can provide a fresh, rejuvenated appearance, even when floors and countertops remain unchanged.

One of the top benefits of new kitchen cabinets is that you can select nearly any style and design, giving your kitchen a dramatic new look. Think about how much visual space is dominated by the cabinets. They not only consume a large portion of wall space, they rest at eye-level, arguably making cabinets the most important element for a redesign. With cabinets, you can choose colorful paints, rich stains, or rustic appearances to dramatically change your kitchen.

Custom Cabinetry Makes Your Kitchen More Accessible

New Kitchen Cabinets for a New Year

While off-the-shelf cabinetry can add a new look, customized new kitchen cabinets can add a completely new functionality to your home. Whether you need cabinets to fit a unique wall angle or want space for large stock pots or kitchen appliances, custom cabinetry adds a higher level of accessibility to your home.

New Kitchen Cabinets Add Value to Your Home

Remodeling projects rarely give a positive return on investment, but they can add value to your home and help the property sell. If you plan on placing your home for sale in the coming year, adding new kitchen cabinets could help.

Remodeling Magazine compiles annual information on remodeling costs vs. value added to a home, and while minor kitchen remodeling doesn’t have a positive return, it does average about a 78% return in the “Mountain” region, which includes the Phoenix area. It’s actually the 4th-best remodeling project from a cost vs. value perspective.

New Kitchen Cabinets for a Wonderful New Year

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New Kitchen Cabinets

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