Advantages and Disadvantages of Remodeling Your Kitchen with an Open Floor Plan

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Open floor plans are an undeniable trend that shows no sign of stopping. For decades, homeowners have fallen in love with the convenience and versatility of an open kitchen. But just because others are doing it is hardly a good reason to do it yourself. (The motherly bridge-jumping cliché comes to mind!) Let’s look at the advantages of remodeling your kitchen with an open floor plan, as well as the reasons why you might avoid it. …

Benefits of Remodeling Your Kitchen with an Open Floor Plan

Excellent for Entertaining and Conversation

The most popular benefit for having an open floor plan is entertaining. You can have guests sitting comfortably in the living room, maybe watching the big game or chatting and enjoying music, all while you prepare food in the kitchen. This also creates more social time during weeknights when the family is gathered, creating more conversation and greater communication.

Allows for Enhanced Natural Light

By opening your kitchen to the dining room and living room, which often have larger windows, you increase the flow of light. This creates a better ambiance in your kitchen and enhances the warmth and texture inside.

Stay in Contact with the Living Room

Remodeling your Kitchen with an Open Floor Plan

Being in touch with the living room isn’t just for entertaining. If you have small children, it’s easier to keep an eye on them if you can see them from the kitchen. Instead of running back and forth while preparing dinner, you can simply glance across the room!

Makes the House Feel Larger

While removing walls certainly won’t make the house bigger, it will make the house feel bigger. Remodeling your kitchen with an open floor plan creates a sense of spaciousness that you don’t have when walls divide the home into smaller rooms.

Are there Disadvantages?

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, everything is a give-and-take; open floor plans are no different. Because you are removing barriers between rooms, you lose the privacy that you might have enjoyed before. If you are watching a movie in the living room while someone is mixing a smoothie in the kitchen, it can be a little annoying.

You also lose more wall space for artwork, so if you’re a fanatic for paintings and wall decor, you might prefer a closed floor plan. And, quite frankly, some people simply prefer the closed plan layout and want to keep it that way; there’s nothing wrong with that!

Remodeling Your Kitchen is Simple with JK Cabinets & Design

You can have an open floor plan that makes your home airy and spacious. Contact JK Cabinets & Design and we’ll create a world-class kitchen for your home!

Remodeling your Kitchen with an Open Floor Plan

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