Small Kitchen Design Ideas: Organization and Beautification Tips that can Enhance the Room

There are many small kitchen design ideas that can help enhance and beautify the space.

Small kitchens can feel cluttered within a couple weeks after you move into a home, but with the smart interior design concepts in mind, that doesn’t have to be the case. There are many ways to both beautify and enhance the space in your small kitchen at the same time. All it takes is some fresh perspectives and a few bright ideas. Try these small kitchen design ideas for starters.

1. Go light and simple on the color.

Choose one color and use it as the theme for your appliances, walls, and flooring. It won’t necessarily make the kitchen larger, but it will feel larger. That’s what it’s all about, so this is the first step.

2. Minimize the dishware.

How many people live in your home? If you have four, let’s say, you don’t need 24 plates, 24 bowls, 24 cups, and so on. Keep only what you need in the kitchen. Pack up the rest and store them elsewhere in the home where you can easily access them if you need them.

3. Use the tops of surfaces.

Do use the top of cabinets for storage, but be sure to purchase aesthetically pleasing storage essentials. In other words, don’t toss a bag of flour on top of the refrigerator. Instead, buy a canister set and place the flour in there beside other dried goods in the other containers.

4. Install shelving.

Install shelves on the walls, and dedicate each one for a certain item, such as one for spices and another for vinegars and oils. Another simple small kitchen design idea is to place wire racks and hooks inside cabinet doors. You can use them for towels, potholders, and cooking utensils.

5. Hang pots and pans from the ceiling or against a wall.

Hanging pots, pans, and cooking utensils overhead or against the wall will allow you to access them easily while freeing space in your cabinets and cupboards. A sturdy shower bar and a few hooks may be all you need to create a space-saving tool.

Small kitchen design ideas include hanging pots and pans from a shower bar in the kitchen.

6. Add glass and mirrors.

It’s well known that glass and mirrors make bathrooms and living rooms look larger, so why not include them in your kitchen? Purchase mirrored wall sconces, glass tabletops, and elegant small mirrors to place around the kitchen.

7. Buy bar stools.

If you have a breakfast bar kitchen design, slide bar stools underneath the counter. When you do, you won’t have to buy a separate table to place inside the kitchen.

8. Try a half-table.

If you don’t have an open bar design and do need a table for the kitchen, consider a half-table that can be attached to the wall, creating a design similar to a bar. Place the table low on the wall and buy shorter stools, as taller stools might crowd the kitchen.

9. Hang mugs on a mug rack.

Place an attractive mug rack on a kitchen counter for those coffee mugs. Just make sure it matches the theme of your kitchen in color and design. Keep the mugs in good shape as well. If one chips even a little, toss it, both for safety reasons and to keep your home beautiful.

10. Add pops of color.

While staying neutral and monochrome can help make the space appear larger, adding pops of color with exciting backsplashes and decor will add sophistication.

11. Take advantage of the windows.

Keep your curtains up and your blinds open to create an airy feel. If you don’t have windows, talk with one of our kitchen designers to see where you can add one if possible.

12. Go up.

If you have high ceilings, you have prime real estate. Build cabinets up as high as possible to create plenty of storage space in your small kitchen. Going vertical will also make the room look larger, but keep a secure step ladder handy in order to reach items on the high shelves.

13. Tuck away small appliances.

Design your cabinets in a manner that will allow you to tuck away small appliances like your toaster and blender after you use them. Leaving them on the countertop could overwhelm the small kitchen.


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