Tech Gadget Storage Ideas to Work into your Kitchen Design

Tech gadget storage ideas

Phones, tablets, televisions, laptop computers, smartwatches, gaming devices, all the cords that go with them and so much more! They can all pile up, so what do you do with all of them? Luckily, the best home designers can come up with some pretty clever tech gadget storage ideas. As you are designing or renovating your kitchen, don’t forget to make room for all of those devices, not only for storage but also to make them easier to use.

Tech Gadget Storage Ideas

1. Those shelves aren’t just for pictures and jars anymore! A clever way to store a laptop computer is to create a narrow wall holder where you can place your tablet or laptop. It’s especially ideal for a tablet that you mainly use in the kitchen for recipes or gaming. Place the wall holder near an electrical outlet to allow for charging.

2. Ask your kitchen designer to create a cabinet specifically for your devices – one spot for each phone, tablet, and computer – along with a charging hub.

3. Set up dividers in specific drawers in the kitchen or elsewhere in the house for each of the devices.

4. When they’re not in use, hang computer bags on hooks nearby.

Tech gadget storage ideas

5. If you don’t want such a permanent solution, purchasing cube storage organizers or full cabinets may be the right way to go. Place them near your mudroom or coat closet for convenience.

6. Hanging wall files can hold lightweight technological devices like your phones, remote controls, and garage door openers. A good place for them is inside of your kitchen pantry door.

7. Similar to a pull-out cutting board, the best kitchen designers can create pull-out storage features for your laptop computers, such as within an island. Ideally, stools would be beside them, so you can just pull them out and start working.

Contact JK Cabinets for Additional Ideas

These are only some of the tech gadget storage ideas that you can work into your kitchen design or use elsewhere in your household. The children’s bedrooms, the garage, and the bathrooms are other great places to store your technological devices. Think about what you need and brainstorm a solution, or contact us for suggestions.

As we work with you on your bathroom or kitchen renovation, tell us about what you need to store, and we will work the solutions into the design. Contact us through our JK Cabinets website or by phone at 480-219-9580.

With a combination of creativity and our design experience, we will create storage features that will be both beautiful and practical.

Tech Gadget Storage Ideas

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