Arizona Home Design: Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas to Liven Up Your Holiday

Traditional Thanksgiving tablescape ideas are still beautiful. Incorporating the Arizona lifestyle into your tablescape is a great option as well.

When you think of Thanksgiving, you think of a charming, warm, peaceful, pleasant, simple, carefree kind of setting. Even though it’s one of the best holidays of the year, the day can get a bit redundant over time. When you add a little pizzazz to the table setting itself, you can have the best of both worlds. You can still have your traditional, warm Thanksgiving, but your family and friends will also look forward to seeing what Thanksgiving tablescape ideas you can come up with year after year.

With tablescapes, the possibilities are endless. Because you’ll have plenty of other things to do during the day, the trick is to find something that won’t take too much time or effort, even though it will look like it did.

Consider these five simple but elegant and fun Thanksgiving tablescape ideas as a basis for inspiration.

Personalized Place Settings, as Inspired by Country Living

Help each guest feel like they’re a special part of the celebration by creating tablescapes that recognize each person.  Elegantly draw each of their names onto a chalkboard and hang it onto each chair, and include a classic picture of each of them with their table setting.

Highlight the Arizona Lifestyle

When you live in a climate like ours here in Mesa, you have the advantage of having your Thanksgiving meal outdoors, so get your backyard ready for Thanksgiving Day. Your tablescape can feature a mix and match of Arizona-themed decor along with pumpkins and gourds to follow tradition.

Give It a Splash of Citrus, as Inspired by Elle Decor

Use oranges and lemons to create a colorful centerpiece, and add a small fruit with each diner’s table setting. The colors will give your table flair … and a bit of an ironic concept by balancing out the heavy meal with light and airy citrus.

Thanksgiving tablescape ideas can range from bright and trendy to warm and classic.

Share Thankful Thoughts, as Inspired by Martha Stewart

Create a “thankful tree” as your centerpiece. Have each family member write notes about what they are thankful for just prior to your dinner, and each person can hang their notes on the tree. It will be a fun and engaging part of your Thanksgiving, and also a way to include children in the Thanksgiving preparations. The rest of your table and table settings can feature a variety of pumpkins and gourds in a traditional tablescape style.

Go with Modern and Trendy Colors

Home and kitchen styles for 2018 are all about vivid golds and blues.  A Thanksgiving tablescape featuring an elegant blend of these colors will create a stylish look. You can find a variety of gold decorative pumpkins for sale, and as you’re making this tablescape, don’t forget about covering your chairs to complement the design.

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