Why We Love Southwest Design Principles for Homes

Southwest Design

Southwest design ideas reflect a home that is spacious and artistic. It is a mix of rustic woods like knotty pine, bold colors of turquoise, red and yellow, and welcoming archways to soften the look of windows and entryways.

When looking at interiors and exteriors, you have flat roofs, expansive and open floor plans, spacious courtyards, high ceilings that highlight exposed wood beams, and gardens that are cool, lush with beauty and soothing. Wood is always a distinctive element in the Southwestern design. The naturals like pine, oak, birch, and Cherry wood bring the outdoors inside, while creating a place that honors nature and its elements.

When planning a kitchen based on a Southwest design, natural materials are the highlights of this trend. Distressed woods, the use of iron for hardware and decorative elements, Saltillo floor tiles and natural stone for counters. Hand-made baskets add grace to open spaces, and pottery acts as accent pieces on corner tables. Decorative pieces made from tin, which can be highly ornamented, hang stately on the wall and catch your eye with their beauty.

Southwestern kitchens feature bold and beautiful decorative tiles. These tiles add personality and character anywhere you put them – from floors to walls, inserts in countertops or pops of color and design in back splashes.

Fixtures for both the kitchen and the bathroom are easy on the eyes. Rather than always looking to shine and polish chrome, opting for copper or bronze fixtures ties the natural trend of the Southwestern design together, or a more natural look rather than Hollywood glitz.

Tile floors, particularly terracotta, are used universally in Southwest design layouts. Tiles can be used on rooftops, in kitchens and baths, or just about any room you choose. It has a reputation for keeping you cool in summer, even in the hottest of temperatures.

Southwest design ideas are here to stay because it brings forth energy, warmth, and adds a hit of natural elements that soften the edges and create a more relaxed way of life. It is a mix of contemporary and tradition, allowing you to infuse personality, heritage and culture, while still being able to think outside the box for unique styles, textures and living spaces.

JK Cabinets has everything you need in order to create a beautiful Southwest design scheme in your own home. Their expert design team will work with you and your plans and ideas in order to create a custom look that is unique and blends in smoothly with the distinct design styles of the Southwest.

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To get more ideas on Southwest designs, watch this YouTube video.

Southwest Design

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