Pretty and Private: Tips for Bathroom Window Renovations

Bathroom Window Renovations

Selecting windows for the bathroom can be fairly difficult. You need something that helps maintain privacy, but matches the elegance and grace of your bathroom. It should provide access to natural light, but shouldn’t give a view to the outside world. … So what are the best ideas for bathroom window renovations? With the right accessories and the right design principles, you can create an amazing bathroom with fantastic windows.

Tips for Bathroom Window Renovations

Choose Frosted Glass

If you have a larger window but don’t want to cover it with curtains or blinds, one of the best options for bathroom window renovations is to have it frosted (or install frosted windows). Frosted windows allow the light to come inside the bathroom, but they break up the outlines, making everything slightly fuzzy. With frosted windows, you can enjoy a room full of light while knowing that your privacy is maintained.

Faux Wood Blinds

Wood is a tough material to install in the shower. Fortunately, we live in an age where artificial materials are almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Faux wood blinds are excellent bathroom additions because they will not rot or absorb water. Unlike real wood (yes, even treated wood), a top-quality faux wood product will not warp, crack, or be harmed by water.


Bathroom Window Renovations

A skylight fixed right above the shower is an elegant and under-used touch. If you want to feel like you are taking a shower outdoors, all without the uncomfortable loss of privacy, a skylight can make it happen. It will retain your privacy and bring in gorgeous daylight. On clear nights, you may even be able to see the moon and stars; now that would be a relaxing shower!

Transom Windows

These long, narrow windows are often used to accent the area above a door or even to enhance a larger window, but they can be perfect for your bathroom. When placed high, these windows allow you to get enough light to illuminate your bathroom while maintaining privacy. They can be excellent for your home, especially when used directly over the shower or tub, giving you natural light as you enjoy a relaxing rinse.

Ask JK Cabinets & Design about Bathroom Window Renovations

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Bathroom Window Renovations

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