6 Tips from the Best Bathroom Designer in Arizona in 2016

Tips from the best bathroom designer in Arizona

Creating a wonderful bathroom is a lot like designing an iconic building. There are certain fundamental rules that you need to follow to ensure lasting quality, but there are also opportunities to challenge convention and release your artistic creativity. Here are six tips from the best bathroom designer in Arizona that will help you have a great bathroom that is both effective and inspiring.

6 Tips from the Best Bathroom Designer in Arizona in 2016

1. Don’t Let the Toilet Control the Room

It may be the most important machine for civilized living, but it’s something we’d prefer to hide. Ask Arizona’s best bathroom designer and we’ll let you know that a good bathroom design starts with hiding or, at the very least, marginalizing the toilet. If possible, tuck it away with a wall, install it toward the back of the bathroom, or move it to the corner. A piece of furniture like a shelf can also do wonders for hiding away the toilet.

2. Be Intentional with Your Lighting Plan

Tips from the best bathroom designer in Arizona

To create a relaxing bathroom atmosphere, lighting is everything. According to Houzz, lighting should be done in four layers: task, accent, ambient, and decorative. You should also consider the relationship between the mirror and the lighting. Lights mounted to the side of the mirror give a clean, relaxing feel and gives light to your face from all angles, which is essential for applying makeup or shaving.

3. The Bathtub or Shower is the Focal Point

Every room needs a focal point. For the bathroom, this means the bathtub or shower. The choice you make here will have a powerful impact on the rest of the bathroom. Whether you choose a classic bathtub with claw-and-ball legs or a built-in shower, this is the part that will dominate the room, so be very intentional with your choices.

4. Use a Corner Sink for Small Bathrooms

Do you have a small bathroom? Do you want to create more space in the cramped guest bathroom? A corner sink is a great way to free up entry points and create a more open feeling to a bathroom. This can also help enhance your storage options in a small bathroom.

5. The Tub: If You Don’t Use It, Lose It

Tips from the best bathroom designer in Arizona

How many times have you used the tub in the last year? If you want an important tip from Arizona’s best bathroom designer, we’d tell you to consider losing the tub. If you’re like most people, you probably take a bath about once a year, so why not convert the space to a shower, increasing your storage options while giving the bathroom an open atmosphere.

6. Include Multiple Drying Options

This is less of a design tip and more of a utility need. With heavy amounts of moisture, bathrooms are hotspots for mold and mildew. Therefore, it’s wise to have as many drying options as possible. A fan is great – just make sure it vents outside, not directly to the attic. If possible, include a window that can be opened to give the bathroom a refreshing breeze, remove moisture, and keep your area smelling clean and fresh.

The Best Bathroom Designer in Arizona will Help you Have an Amazing Bathroom

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Tips from the Best Bathroom Designer in Arizona



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