Cooking Creations: Top 10 Southwest Dishes

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Southwestern cooking, like the Southwest itself, is a combination of influences. A variety of cultural backgrounds plays a role in defining the region and its cuisine. With so many influences, Southwestern cooking is diverse, broad, and unique. While most people assume the food is spicy, it can also be mild, sweet, savory, hearty, light, and, at times, even refreshing. … So what are the top 10 Southwest dishes? There are lots to choose from, but these are some of the best. …

Top 10 Southwest Dishes

Bacon-Wrapped, Jalapeño-Stuffed Shrimp and Pineapple Kabobs

Start your meal with an excellent appetizer. This recipe is sweet with pineapple and spicy with jalapeño, as well as crowd-pleasing thanks to savory bacon.

Tex Mex Red Beans and Rice

A Southwestern-influenced side dish that goes well with nearly any meal, this recipe is tasty and filling. The onion and cayenne sauce give this dish a bold flavor.

Cowboy Pie

This recipe is heavily influenced by the large appetites of hard-working men. Combining American favorites like cornbread and smoked sausage with Southwestern seasonings, this is a recipe sure to please.

Sonoran Hot Dogs

Every great city has its own hot dog recipe. Chicago, New York, and even Los Angeles have their version of this American staple. The famous Sonoran dog, which hails from little Tucson, is a top recipe for a delightful, family-friendly meal.

Southwestern Pork Cutlets

This recipe has a few all-American ingredients, including mayonnaise and panko crumbs, but elements like salsa verde, lime wedges, and poblano chili peppers make this one of the top 10 Southwest dishes.

Top 10 Southwest DishesQuinoa-Stuffed Poblano Peppers

Although quinoa is mostly grown in South America and Spain, this recipe expertly used the ingredient to make a healthy, flavorful Southwestern dish.

Bobby Flay’s Fish Tacos

You might not think of fish when you think of Arizona and New Mexico, but Mexican food, which heavily influences Southwestern cuisine, is loaded with world-class seafood. This version from Chef Bobby Flay has all the flavors of a classic Southwestern meal.

Southwest Steak and Corn Kabobs

Simple and savory, this kabob recipe is perfect for outdoor grilling. It calls for pre-packaged, gluten-free taco seasoning, but you can modify the recipe to give it more authentic spice if you prefer.

Shaved Summer Squash Salad with Jalapeño Vinaigrette

This delightful salad has just enough kick to make it a great Southwestern dish. It also has a bit of sweetness thanks to the honey and pecans.

Tequila Sangria

Need something to wash it all down? Try this refreshing sangria that includes tequila, mint, limes, and agave nectar. A top-off of lemon-lime soda gives the drink a satisfying fizz.

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Top 10 Southwest Dishes

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