The Top Four Benefits of Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

Kitchen Countertop Design Options

When you decide to add new cabinetry to your home, you have lots of choices to make. Between style, finish, size, wood type, and color, there are thousands, if not millions, of different combinations. It can put your mind in a tailspin! … However, one of the first choices you need to make is quite simple. Stock or custom?  While stock cabinets certainly have their place, the benefits of custom kitchen cabinetry are too large to ignore.

Benefits of Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

Designed to Fit Your Personal Style and Needs

With custom cabinetry, you can have whatever style, design, shape, size, and structure you desire. To be fair, manufactured stock cabinetry certainly has a wide variety of options. However, you are still limited to what is available from the factory. For example, you may find the perfect door style, but it may not be available in the finish you prefer.

You also have better choices for personalized utility in the kitchen. With custom kitchen cabinetry, you can choose cabinets that have the right storage space for spices, pans, dishes, and glasses. Every homeowner has different needs, and custom cabinetry allows you to select the right options for your kitchen.

Custom Made for Your One-of-a-Kind Home

Benefits of Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

One of the benefits of custom kitchen cabinetry is that it fits your personal style and needs. Another is that it can be crafted to fit the specifics of your home. Each house is different, with different dimensions, heights, and angles. Custom cabinetry, fortunately, can be made to fit any size or shape, resulting in a clean, tailored appearance for your kitchen. If your home has an unconventional floor plan, you likely need custom cabinetry to create the right fit and the right look.

Longevity in Craftsmanship and Materials

With stock cabinetry, joints are often glued together. They may use nails and screws to secure joints, but it doesn’t match the long-lasting hold provided by dovetail joints, which are used extensively in custom kitchen cabinetry. Custom cabinets will also use better materials, such as plywood for structure over particle board, and wood glue blocks for corner braces over stapled plastic corners.

Perfectly Matched

Benefits of Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

In theory, manufactured stock cabinetry would be all the same. In reality, however, an order can include cabinets from different assembly lines or different days of production. This means that the woods and finishes used during the manufacturing process may have been different. This could result in slight, but noticeable, variations. With custom cabinetry, your cabinets will be built at the same time with the same woods and the same finish, giving you greater consistency and uniformity.

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Benefits of Custom Kitchen Cabinetry


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