What to Expect from a Design Consultation

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Expect from a Design Consultation

Every good kitchen or bathroom remodeling project starts with a thorough consultation. By meeting with a knowledgeable professional, you’ll get expert advice and a clear picture on the size, costs, and best-practices for your next project. Here’s what to expect from a design consultation.

What to Expect from a Design Consultation

Expect It to Be FREE

Unfortunately this can’t be said for all interior design consultation firms, but we strongly believe that a consultation should be entirely free. We want you to feel comfortable talking with us, and we feel that a free consultation allows you to get the advice you need without the pressure of making final decisions within a strictly-monitored timeframe. With a free consultation, you can take your time and make a clear, confident decision.

Expect to be Asked Questions

Expect from a Design Consultation

Wait a second…aren’t you the one getting advice? Well…yes, but in order to best serve your needs and deliver personalized results, a design consultant will ask you a wide range of questions. This can cover everything from your preferred style to functionality to furniture and material options. Answer these questions to the best of your ability and your designer will be better equipped to deliver a fantastic, personalized design.

Expect the Expert to Come to Your Home

In order for a design expert to deliver the best advice for your home’s interior, it’s essential that they visit your home. This will help the expert understand the overall layout of your home, as well as existing structure, such as windows, lighting, railings, and flooring that they can either workaround, adjust, or change entirely as needed.

Expect to Discuss the Budget

Expect from a Design Consultation

It might not sound like the most appealing topic to discuss, but it needs to be covered in detail before the project starts. Hashing out the details of the budget, including your price range, the costs of certain materials, and the costs of labor, will help avoid any surprises. Don’t be afraid to ask numerous detailed questions related to the budget; it’s best to ask before the remodeling starts than after!

Expect to Visit a Showroom

Another thing you should expect from a design consultation is that the designer you work with has a complete showroom that you can visit. Visiting a showroom will give you plenty of ideas for furniture, layout, and general design themes. A magazine or online pictures can only go so far, but being surrounded by the real thing will give you a clear, unhindered perspective on your best remodeling options.

Expect Attentive, Reliable Service

Whichever designer you hire, you deserve excellent service, clear communication, and prompt responses. You are investing a lot of money in your kitchen and bathroom design, so expect to work with someone who understands and appreciates the importance of reliability and consistency. In the end, great service is the backbone of an effective design consultation.

Get Your Free Consultation Right Away

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Expect from a Design Consultation

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