Shades or Curtains? What to Think about Before Buying Bathroom Window Coverings

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Adding decor to a bathroom window can be difficult, but two unique design choices, shades and curtains, can be used to create a remarkable space. What should you think about before buying bathroom window coverings like shades or curtains? With the right information, you’ll have a space that looks amazing for years!

Shades or Curtains? What to Think about Before Buying Bathroom Window Coverings

Shades or Curtains: What’s the Difference?

Let’s take a quick moment to discuss the differences between shades and curtains.

As explained by The Spruce, a shade is a “soft fabric panel” attached to a rod that sits at the top of the window. Shades can be made from a wide variety of materials and are usually fit inside the window sill. To let in light, you pull a cord and raise the shade. It will either roll up or fold into place, depending on the shade’s design.


• Single piece

• Usually fit the window

• Retract upward

Curtains, on the other hand, are two pieces of fabric hanging from a rod. (Think of a stage curtain that splits in the middle.) They usually extend below the window and drape down near the floor. To let in light, the curtains are pulled towards the edge of the window, opening a gap in the space.


• Two pieces

• Hang below the window

• Retract toward the edges

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When to Choose Shades

Shades can be ideal when you are buying bathroom window coverings to add a solid design element to your bathroom. Because shades come in one piece, they have a style that appears solid and powerful. They’re not as graceful as curtains, but instead create a square, almost foundational appearance. If your bathroom features lots of square shapes and sharp design edges, you may discover that shades create a superior visual appeal.

When to Choose Curtains

Because they hang below the windows and leave almost no gaps, curtains can be effective when privacy is an issue. They can also be placed and hung in various styles, giving you greater versatility. For example, you can tie the curtains in the middle, leave them completely open, or close them for privacy. However, because they hang lower, they can be a concern when used in windows near showers, tubs, or sinks.

Get the Right Advice When Buying Bathroom Window Coverings

With shades or curtains in the bathroom, the right fabric is essential. Contact JK Cabinets & Design and we’ll help you choose the right items for your home, including top-quality window treatments.

With a knowledgeable staff and years of experience in the design industry, we know how to make your home a functional work of art!

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